Special : สมัครบัตร Amex วันนี้ฟรีตั๋วชั้นธุรกิจสู่ญี่ปุ่น 4 ใบ ! > "Click"


The 1st thing for the 1st HUG i trade at Bugis Junction, Singapore but i’ve got it from Philippines men who came to Singapore for Water Polo Competition, oh ~ Great o_O!!!

Singapore Guide & Map is a very LITTLE thing… but it was very BIG useful for me when i was lost the way [The 4th day i went Backpack in Singapore, I left my own map somewhere in the hostel. Thx for this Guide & Map that i could back to Changhi Airport on time :D]

If we’ve our own Guide & Map [+ HUG !!!] for a life,…  ~


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