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At Bugis Junction,… I made “Trade my HUG for Anything in your Hand” for the first time when I went backpack to Singapore, In the day i’d found there’s no place to go, no where for me anymore in my Hometown. When i was walking along the street, i missed someone who once used to hug me…

I wrote “Trade my HUG for Anything in your Hand” on the paper by chalk i got somewhere around, stood alone at the centre of Bugis Junction and shouted

“Trade anything in your Hand for my HUG, Anything !”


Although, There’s noone let me hug in that day, i’m sured i’d made more than 1,000 Singaporean smiled more than 100 people laugh day after day. and,… that made me can smile… smile and smile all 3 days in Singapore. Thx for all Singaporean, for all who came to me to ask, for all who took my photo, for all who cheered me up, for all who traded my HUG Finally.

When i wag hugging the first one, i said “HUG”, to myself in my language, Thai language that’s mean “Love”

Then he gave me 1 Singapore Dollar but I said anything in your hand is ok but money,…

So,… He gave this thing to me.

The very first thing i got for “Trade my HUG”


You’ll see all “Anything in your Hand” in the next Blog :)


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