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We are One by Kelly Sweet…

Sweet,… so sweet

as Starbucks Green Tea Frappu – -*

หวานจริงๆ นะ ทั้งคนร้องและเพลง ไม่เชื่อลองฟัง ;)


Didn’t need to ask
Don’t know the reason
Everything that I believe
Is right here

Not thinkin’ bout tomorrow
Couldn’t catch it if I tried
World is spinning too fast
So I’ll wait ’til it comes to me

I am you
You are me
We are one
Take me in your arms
And flow through me
I’ll flow through you

Steal my breath away
Cause I’m so moved by you
Deeper than I ever thought
Was possible, was possible, it’s everything, oh

Difference between me and you
It’s all in where your heart lies
And every day’s another chance
So let’s get it right

Did you lose yourself out there
Did you lose faith and give up
Don’t turn away and hide yourself

Cause there’s a friend to make along the way
We are the heartbeat and our souls speak
And all the beauty I have ever dreamed
Is right here in front of me, oh

Is right here in front of me, oh



ในภาพคือ CeDeLe, Orchard rd.

ไม่หวานเท่าไรแฮะร้านนี้ :)


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